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Jesse Dunn

Author and Educator of GO Broken to Beautiful

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Author and Educator of GO Broken to Beautiful

Jesse L. Dunn is the founder of New View Concepts - Quantum Thought LLC and author of VisionLight™ Essentials Thought Training Course. Jesse is the author and teacher of the GO Broken to Beautiful on-line course. His passion for and expertise in transformational change has been cultivated over 30 years of senior leadership in both the nonprofit and for-profit sectors. He has worked with groups and organizations that range from Fortune 500 companies to start-up, small and medium-sized businesses. His undergraduate degree is in psychology and he holds a Masters degree in organizational management. Jesse Dunn is also a trained mediator, comprehensive business consultant, and a customer relations/service trainer for the T.A.C.T. Customer Service System.

Dunn has taught more than 10,000 participants in his presentations throughout the USA, Canada, Spain and Great Britain. He is author of several books and articles, a musician/composer (fiddle and violin), an active community volunteer and leader, a husband, father and grandfather.

CEO and Founder of New View Concepts - Quantum Thought LLC

Rene'e La Montagne Dunn

Author and Educator, VP of Marketing, New View Concepts - Quantum Thought LLC

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Rene'e La Montagne Dunn is Vice President of Marketing for New View Concepts - Quantum Thought LLC since 2017. She is a motivational teacher, author, musician/composer and avid health advocate, a family historian and genealogist. Rene’e is an accomplished business woman, a real estate investor, owner/operator of restaurants, motels and lodges, and is an ardent, successful network marketer. Ms. Dunn is an energetic promotor of joy in the moment. Rene'e's expertise is helping others to recognize and develop their God-given gifts and talents. She is passionate about teaching those suffering to embrace emotional healing through the GO Broken to Beautiful comprehensive emotional healing course. Rene'e also teaches thought control and thought navigation through the VisionLight(tm) Essentials Thought Training System, helping others realize success in all avenues of life, i.e., spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, social, and financial.

Rene'e lives a life filled with infinite love and gratitude. Her montra: "LIFE IS SO DELICIOUS!"

Rene’e is the wife of NVC Founder, Jesse L. Dunn, and a proud mother, grand-mother and great-grandmother.

Federica Porpora Anastasio

Concept And Digital Artist
Creator of New View Concept's "Stronger then Before" Image

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Federica is a native of Naples, Italy. Raised with artistic, musical parents, her creativity flourished at a very early age. She is passionate about bringing life and personality to unique character designs and environmental scenes, creating eye-catching compositions, and mixing beautiful color palettes. She has had training at the Academy of Fine Arts and has attended several other art schools to develop her unique talents for digital and concept design.

New View Concept’s Kintsugi woman entitled “Stronger than Before” was painted by Federica to capture a woman’s painful but successful journey through tragedy and trials, emerging stronger and more beautiful than before. Gilded with a mixture of gold and glue to repair her broken pieces, this intensely passionate, determined and triumphant young woman radiates the light of victory over trauma and tragedy. As a symbol of success to all our GO Broken to Beautiful students, we are reminded that an exquisite depth of character comes only from a determination to never give up. This woman gloriously captures all that we at New View Concepts hope to achieve with every precious, broken spirit:

Recovery. Rejoicing. Rebirth.