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Because... BEING better is better than simply feeling better.

Unlike many traditional therapeutic approaches which can last months or even years
(but is oftentimes needed after trauma), can cost tens of thousands of dollars, create dependency on a
therapist and might leave some more confused and anxiety-burdened than when the sessions began,
the GO Broken to Beautiful™ Course is a process that grows personal power through an evolution of
responsibility. You are responsible in life to choose the thoughts and behaviors that produce more
productive results. By responsibility, we mean “response-ability,” meaning the personal ability to
respond in better ways.

Our objective is to collaboratively develop a personalized step-by-step plan for growth and healing. It is
important to realize that this is a whole-person centered approach. The GO Broken to Beautiful™ Course

  • My Current Life Position –an evaluation tool that helps pinpoint your starting point for healing
  • Life Purpose Predictor Tool --go deep inside yourself and learn what your purpose is and what you are meant to do
  • The ICE Tool --re-train your brain to stop negative, unproductive thoughts, stop triggers, re- shape how you view difficult memories and trauma
  • Physical well-being
  • Psychological-Emotional-Mental well being
  • Spiritual well being
  • Social well being
  • Financial well being
  • Business and Career growth

The (ONLINE) GO Broken to Beautiful™ Course is developed and offered by New View Concepts, LLC, an Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA company whose services to individuals, families and businesses ignite lives lived by intentional design rather than default, transforming problems into solutions, barriers into breakthroughs, “I can’t” into I CAN!” and defeats into victories.

We believe that BEING better is better than simply feeling better. The GO Broken to Beautiful™ Course is a comprehensive guide to BE BETTER!